The Redwood Family Center California

The Redwood Family Center is a ministry of Valley Recovery Resources, a 501(c)(3) organization working to create a community where individuals seeking recovery, and their families, have the opportunity and services necessary for a drug-free and productive future.

We are a broken society where one of every eight Americans has a significant problem with alcohol and/or drugs and here in Stanislaus County the problem is magnified. Many of those struggling are women with children. The women who enter Redwood Family Center are in need of a life changing experience. We partner with other agencies and organizations to make recovery costs effective and to ensure that we don’t duplicate services.

The results are lives that are transformed and families that are reunited.

The Redwood Family Center-California site was founded in 2003 under the leadership of Interfaith Ministries and then Executive Director Tom Cicarelli. In 2011, Valley Recovery Resources incorporated as a non-profit organization and purchased the Redwood Family Center-California site assuming all operations.

The Redwood Family Center-California houses approximately 25 women and their children who would otherwise be homeless and lack access to necessary recovery resources in Stanislaus County.